Mixalis Kampourakis Is the 'Last Warrior' for Trend Privé

By: The Underwear Expert

The up and coming publication Trend Privé is an international risk-taking non-profit magazine for artists, and they are surely taking it to the next level with the photos you're about to see.

"Last warrior," the delightfully decadent editorial featuring sexy Greek model Mixalis Kampourakis, hair by Agapi Stylidou, and grooming by Vagelis Balakas & Agapi Stylidou, is chockfull of lush, exquisite snapshots by Katja Kat. Photographed in a post-apocalyptic tumbledown shack, Kampourakis — who is signed with Agencia model — poses in Goth-enthused S&M bondage wear designed by Gkiokan Karad and Celebrityskin.

Check out the half-naked post-apocalyptic photos of Mixalis Kampourakis on the following pages.