Thomas Patrick Makes the Cold War Look Hot in Modus Vivendi

By: The Underwear Expert

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! It’s a way of life, and in Latin, that translates to Modus Vivendi. So, jump in the foxhole with the Soviet-affected, Full Metal Jacket-inspired Velvet by Modus Vivendi, and live it! World-renowned fashion designer Christos Bibitsos has created a sassy new menswear line made of high quality Italian velvet with masculine clothing in black, grey and khaki. Each look creates throwback cool. Seen in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Vogue, Nitro and Marie Claire, among others, high-fashion photographer Dimitris Skoulos’ gritty and stark take on such a campaign gives an element of suspense, while the red-blooded Thomas Patrick of VN models gives us a sultry thousand-yard stare, raising temperatures and providing an element of danger.

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