California Dreaming With Derek Allen Watson

By: The Underwear Expert

From that panty dropping smile of his to the yoga toned body, the magnetic personality behind Derek Allen Watson is hard to ignore. It helps, too, that he looks great in underwear. A quick favorite over at The Underwear Expert, we recently chatted with Derek about his big move to Los Angeles, where he told us the one major difference between there and New York City is that the pace of life is way more relaxed and the people are laid back. From his photo shoot with Edwin Pabon for The Beautiful Magazine over a year ago, it seems like Edwin was on to something with the way he styled Derek for the very easy going shoot. Edwin had to know that California was Derek’s next calling since he put him in a number of board shorts and those teeny tiny briefs that you can only get away with on the West Coast — unless you are at Fire Island for the summer.

Take a look at some of the pics on the following pages, and then check out the rest of the set over at The Underwear Expert