ES Collection's THAI Swimwear Campaign Goes Exotic

By: The Underwear Expert

The ES Collection THAI 2014 Swimwear Campaign will take you on a pilgrimage through color, biota and fashion, and trust us, it’s a trip we’d take again!

Shot on the beaches of Khao Lak and the Similan Islands of Thailand, an Elysian nirvana of unrivaled splendor, for over 11 days the ES Collection team worked around the clock to produce the gorgeous images for the ES Collection THAI campaign. History was made: It would be the first time the company did a photo shoot outside of Spain. Surrounded by the majesty of native wildlife like the Asian elephant, male models Jacob Covadlo, Roman Dawidoff and Gabor Hegyi captured the spirit of awe and meditation that the country and its inhabitants inspire.

Check out some of the photos on the following pages, then head over to The Underwear Expert for the rest of the gorgeous set.