Calvin Klein Models Doing What They Do Best — Showing Off Their Waistbands!

By: The Underwear Expert

Backstage at any fashion show can be a bit hectic, and you never know what to expect with makeup, hair, naked models, photographers, and stylists running around. In all the chaos, this group of models took a second to show off their Calvin Klein waistbands as part of the “show yours. #mycalvins” initiative.

Started last week, the Calvin Klein “show yours. #mycalvins” campaign is a photo-driven initiative where consumers can show off the signature Calvin Klein waistband on various social media platforms.

Check out how this group of models show off their white Calvin Klein waistbands on the following pages, then check The Underwear Expert for more — and don't forget to show yours using #mycalvins on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.