Sizzling Underwear Model and Designer Todd Sanfield

By: The Underwear Expert

Out of all the hot underwear models we've featured over the years, Todd Sanfield seems to be the hunk most readers just can't get enough of.

Born and raised near Detroit, Todd eventually made his way through the cutthroat New York fashion industry working as a model. Though modeling was providing him with crucial experience in the fashion world, it became apparent that posing for the camera was not his main goal. Todd Sanfield found himself motivated and energized by the design and production of apparel collections.

“I think the underwear line’s going to sell,” Todd Sanfield told the Underwear Expert back in 2012 after the launch of his first underwear collection. “I’m a hard worker and I’m passionate. I don’t know how big it’s going to get, but with my passion and perseverance, I’m not going to stop until it’s as big as it can be.” Almost two years later, Sanfield is hard at work promoting his third collection. Sanfield will admit that he had a few bumps in the road with his first two collections; but, for him, the shortcomings come with the territory of diving head first into entrepreneurship. In other words, taking risks and growing is part of the job.

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