Style Q/A With Christopher Lee Sauvé

By: Robert Hebert

Christopher Sauvé’s eye-catching work references the rolodex of fashion’s and politics’ influential players. His artful tees are an attention-grabbing black and white graphic perfect for upgrading your summer style.

Excited to travel behind the scene, we took a moment to check in with him.  He shared with us what stimulates his satirical designs, which poke fun at the likes of Vogue, Putin, and Naomi Campbell.

Canadian designer Christopher Sauvé lives and works in New York. What role has fashion played in your journey of self-discovery [as a gay man]?

Christopher Sauvé: My mother and grandmother are extremely obsessed with style. I think as a child I always looked up to my grandmother rather than the male role models I had growing up. So I guess I am sort of an old lady. ;-)

Where do you want to take men's fashion?

I'm not particularly interested in men's fashion. Unless it is Jean Charles De Castelbajac. I like to create pieces that have a statement and make people think. So I guess what I do is make wearable statements. Clothing has been a great way to express myself as an artist because it can be seen at clubs and on the streets rather than a cold gallery.

What piece of fashion can you not live without during the summer?

I would say a CHRISTOPHER LEE SAUVE t-shirt :-) haha kidding, I would say sunglasses and my bike.

What advice do you have for guys who are looking to upgrade their style?

Stick to simple. Black crew neck tee, black Levi's and a pair of dr martens. Add a cuff from Chris Habana and a blazer from H&M And your good to go. Once in awhile throw in a good graphic tee.

What direction is your brand headed for the next season?

I can't give away too much but it is going very political fashion. Cultural criticism. Listening to a 90s rock station, I heard a 19 year old say "I wish there was a meaning to music and fashion today" and this inspired me. I am also working with Patricia Field on a variety of things with an exciting announcement during this coming fashion week. Stay tuned!

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