Style Q/A With David Mason

By: Robert Hebert

David Mason’s style pulls inspiration from the arena of fetishes, creating garments that explicitly emphasize and provide a bold expression of sexuality. His “do you,” non-judgmental outlook married with a pop-sensibility are imbued in every single piece of Slick It Up, from rubber suits and masks to swimsuits and tees. We checked in with David for a quick Q/A on his style inspiration and his work. What role has fashion played in your journey of self-discovery [as a gay man]?

David Mason: Well as a kid I loved Spiderman, 80s music videos featuring fetishistic elements, Nature Shows, Grace Jones, WWE etc so you can imagine the influence and how it took me to where I am now.

Where do you want to take men's fashion?

I’m not really a fashion person. I actually don’t care about clothes. I’m more interested in being excited by anything really and use clothes as a medium to do that. I try and bring the things that I feel are important to the people through my clothes.

What piece of fashion can you not live without during the summer?

I like big blade style sunglasses.

What advice do you have for guys who are looking to upgrade their style?

Don’t be afraid of color, celebrate your interests, have fun. Being too aware of other peoples wants is the worst thing you can burden yourself with, so don’t do what other people want, do what YOU want.

What direction is your brand headed for the next season?

Well luckily I’m not really "season" bound. I run the business in a way where I don’t produce collections but put something new out every week. In the Spring and Summer I produce more swimwear and tees and in the fall I go more fetishy and jeans oriented :)

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