Pride in Madrid With David Mason

By: Robert Hebert

We asked David Mason, creator of the super-sexy fashion line Slick It Up, to curate a summer look and experience for #UpgradeMySummer. He sent us to Madrid for Gay Pride looking utterfly fierce. Thanks, David!

David Mason:

“For me Madrid Pride is an unexpectedly amazing event. I’m not exactly a “Pride” event type, but Madrid Pride is different. It’s a great mix of people truly celebrating gay culture including many straight people who are THANKFUL for the influence of gay culture.

The parties are the best I’ve ever seen and during the day everyone converges on this public pool and eats watermelon and drinks oversized sangrias. It’s really a great time because it’s friendly, open, social, and there is a mixture of people from all over the world. Everyone is just enjoying the good time.

I would say the must for an event similar to this are; basketball length shorts, several different splashy swimsuits, different baseball caps (Europeans love the “special” US look) from Slick It Up. Add to that as Givenchy shark tooth necklace or blingy Versace sneaker. It's great to add some pop to your look."

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