Get a Total Recharge: R&R in Funky Venice Beach

By: Robert Hebert

We asked Christopher Lee Sauvé where his summer style would take him and this is what we learned!

“ I would be in Venice Beach, California, I rent a beautiful home there a couple times a year with a big yard by the ocean. I try and recharge before New York Fashion Week starts. Hazel my frenchie loves it! I love Venice because of the laid back vibe, it feels like a sunny, happier Williamsburg, Brooklyn.” Who else would be on your relaxing trip to the beautiful Venice Beach?

Sauvé: “I could not travel anywhere without my Personal Trainer Pierre Riddle! We work out 3 times a week and he keeps me on track.”

It’s obvious all designers need a little R&R before fashion week and I can’t think of better company than “Hazel”. However, one can’t become to detached from reality and I am sure Pierre makes sure of it! Thanks and give Hazel a treat for all of us here at 

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