SEND: Gay Valentine's Day Cards

By: Rick Andreoli

Valentine's Day cards can be expensive, there's an unspoken pressure to find the "perfect" one, and they never seem to be made for you— as in, for gay guys. Add all that up, and it can really take the fun out of Valentine's Day.

This got us thinking about the last time we had some innocent, silly enjoyment on that heart-shaped pseudo-holiday, and for us that was back in elementary school. That was a time when you'd excitedly decorate a paper bag "mail box," drink punch and snack on cookies while walking around the room putting hand-decorated cards into classmates' sacks. Where was THAT kind of fun these days?

Well, it's here on We took five images of sexy, shirtless men and had our art team create old-school-style Valentine's Day cards for you to download, collect, print out, email or mail to your friends. Here's how they work.

1. Download the high-resolution PDF to your desktop, then open it

2. Click on the "To" and "From" lines and type in the appropriate names

3. Email the card off to your Valentine

You can also print out the image, cut along the dotted line, and give a hard copy to your sweetie instead. Today's card is below. Download the PDF or copy the jpeg image to your desktop.

Here are links to the rest of our cards:


Tuesday - "I can't bear to be without you!"

Wednesday - "You're a knockout!"

Thursday - "I've got a heart on for you!"

Friday - "You rode into my heart!"

Download Monday's Valentine's Day Card Here