SEND: Gay Valentine's Day Cards - Do it With a Heart On!

By: Rick Andreoli

When we brainstormed this idea for creating fun and festival Valentine's Day cards, the first message tossed out in the meeting was "I've got a heart on for you!" Sure, we'd all heard it before, but we knew that if we found the right nude image that could be covered up with a heart, it would work once more—and with this sexy speciman here we think we succeeded.

In case you're new to these special freebies you can download, collect, email or mail, here's the deal:


  1. Every day until Friday we'll post a new card
  2. Download the high-resolution PDF to your desktop then open it
  3. Click on the "To" and "From" lines and type in the appropriate names
  4. Email the card off to your Valentine

You can also print out the image, cut along the dotted line, and give a hard copy to that special someone in your life.

Download the PDF or copy the jpeg image below, then check back each day until Friday the 10th for another new Valentine's Day card.

Download Thursday's Valentine's Day Card

Monday - "I'll be your cherry on top!"
Tuesday - "I can't bear to be without you!"
Wednesday - "You're a knockout!"