John Stewart, Muppets, All Of Boston Hate Anti-Gay Chick Fil-A And BSA

By: Daniel Villarreal

Last night, The Daily Show host John Stewart clowned the Boy Scouts of America and Chick Fil-A for being anti-gay "holdouts."

Not only did he point out that the Boy Scouts is already the gayest organization in the world—with its Boys' Life magazine, neckerchiefs and ornate sashes—but that the mayor of Boston and Jim Henson's Muppets have both developed a distaste for Chick Fil-A's anti-gay chicken sandwiches.

Which made Stewart wonder, were the Muppets eating Chick Fil-A before they renounced the poultry-slining fast food chain? What about their friend Big Bird? He happens to be the main ingredient in Chick Fil-A's menu, y'know?