GEEK OUT: Old Spice's 'Muscle Music' Video Is Insane, Sexy And Cutting Edge

By: Daniel Villarreal

Since everyone presumably knows what deodorant does, Old Spice has largely given up trying to advertise its product's features and has instead gone with over-the-top ads implying that their product will give you the power to charm women, ride tigers and kick over skyscrapers.

But their latest campaign has taken their insanely macho ads in a musical direction.

In a collaboration with Vimeo, Old Spice has unveiled "Muscle Music," an interactive video where viewers can watch comedic actor and Old Spice spokesman Terry Crews play musical instruments connected to his muscles via electrodes—he flexes and a corresponding instrument plays.

Then afterwards, viewers can create their own "muscle music" by using their keyboards to make Crews flex. It's kinda awesome, pretty sexy and, if you're musically inclined, a lot of fun.

Plus it suggests a coming wave of interactive video advertising where viewers control the action in real time in a sort of immersive game, potentially to find coupons, sneak preview video clips or even to create their own viral videos based on their unique choices.

We expect that at least once musical genius will come up with a great "muscle music" composition that will likely go viral within the next week.

Or, at least, we hope so, if anything just to see Mr. Crews psycho-flex and make that crazy screaming face again.