WATCH: Drag Queens Roast Drunk 'Tan Mom'

By: Brandon Voss

When the unfathomably orange Patricia "Tan Mom" Krentcil was accused of taking her daughter into a tanning bed earlier this year, one would've thought the New Jersey mother's reputation couldn't get any worse. Well, one would've thought wrong.

The overnight celebrity made the wrong kind of headlines yet again last week when she appeared at New York's XL Nightclub, where she was roasted as part of the bar's weekly Hot Mess drag night, which features quippy drag stars Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio. It was a fun idea that would've gone a lot smoother had "Tan Mom" not been wasted, incoherent, defensive, and downright ornery, until she finally had to be escorted off of the stage.

Now there's video! Enjoy the tannest trainwreck you'll ever see.