WATCH: 'Husbands' Season 2 Ep. 3

By: Brandon Voss

Parting is such sweet sorrow! Husbands, the acclaimed “marriage equality comedy” from YouTube personality Brad Bell and prolific TV writer-producer Jane Espenson, ends its second online season with more gay marital drama and some major PDA — or as guest star Joss Whedon calls it, "PDGay."

To recap: After causing mini-scandal with a tweeted Instagram of their morning smooch, married pro baseball player Brady (Sean Hemeon) and flamboyant actor Cheeks (Bell) are attempting to do some damage control with a live TV interview in hopes of quieting down outraged groups like "Billion Moms." But as Cheeks struggles to act respectfully butch for the chat — conducted by Two and a Half Men's Jon Cryer! — a handsy Brady has decided to queen out in protest.

If you've watched the season premiere and the second episode, check out the heartwarming season finale, in which we, along with Cheeks, learn about the love-at-first-sight moment when Brady first laid eyes on his angelic soon-to-be-hubby in a coffee shop.