WATCH: Honey Boo Boo's Gay Catch Phrase Gets Autotuned

By: Brandon Voss

Chubby seven-year-old "redneck" reality star Alana Thompson — better known as Honey Boo Boo Child — revealed that she hearts the gays in last week's season finale of TLC's Here Comes Honey Boo Boo by showing love for her "Uncle Poodle" and declaring, "Ain’t nothin’ wrong with bein’ a little gay. Everybody’s a little gay.”

As if that sweetly innocent expression of acceptance weren't fabulous enough, Jimmy Kimmel Live has given the energetic beauty pageant contestant's progressive words of wisdom an Autotuned dance video, complete with some snippets of the show's gayer moments.

Check it out — and start clearing space in your closet for the inevitable sparkly slogan T-shirts.