Play A Game With Tyler Oakley And Two Hot Twinks

By: Daniel Villarreal

Let's play a fun game with self-proclaimed bad bitch vlogger Tyler Oakley.

It involves two hot British twins and using your mouth!

That's right! It's Gay Slang With Jack and Finn!

Sadly, the twins are straight, but that doesn't mean that we gay guys can't have a lot of fun with them.

First, Tyler says a word from gay slang, like kiki — as in "Let's Have A Kiki" — then the straight boys guess... and their answers are hilarious.

Is a twink a type of candy? Is kiki a person? Does throwing shade involve strip tease?

Oh, you straight boys.

Did we mention that Jack and Finn are also popular vloggers as well? Now you can have double the fun with them in the privacy of your own bedroom.

And as for Tyler, he's cute. But watch out, he's liable to shank a hoe.