WATCH: Former Fat Boys Sing 'Chick-fil-A Tonight!'

By: Brandon Voss

We were pretty sure they were totally dunzo when we rounded up the top 10 funniest Chick-fil-A viral videos in August; luckily, no one sent that memo to Former Fat Boys, who describe themselves as “an ever evolving cast of mindbogglingly talented nerds elevating hip-hop to levels never thought possible.”

Written by Elijah Lucian and Ben Garbe with loads of greasy double entendre, the cheeky new Former Fat Boys ditty "Chick-fil-A Tonight! (The I Love Chikin Anthem)" includes lyrics like "However it comes, crispy or grilled, I savor the flavor; my hole is filled." Oh, but it gets worse — and even more delicious. 

Buy the song on BandCamp or get some crap at the Former Fat Boys gift shop and they’ll donate the proceeds to the Trevor Project: “It's like Chick-fil-A in reverse!”

Gay or straight, boys will be boys in the NSFW video below. Watch as the gang performs clumsy fellatio on fried chicken strips and more while singing a catchy chorus of "I love chicken and I love dick!"