The Season's Best Gay Comedy Is About a Pregnant Straight Woman

By: Daniel Villarreal

Between the NBC sitcom The New Normal and the gay comedy film Gayby, the zeitgeist is preoccupied with gay men having babies.

But unlike the two comedies mentioned above, the upcoming British web-series The Vessel shows the entire pregnancy from the woman's point-of-view—so much that you never even see her face as she's alternately praised and pitied for carrying a gay couple's child.

The 10-episode series, which premieres here October 21, follows Kim as she serves as a surrogate for her gay friends Rory and Mike. The series' creators told Out magazine:

"We follow the trio from the moment they proposition Kim to the day she gives birth, witnessing the glories, strains and turmoil of bringing a child into the world. Filmed from Kim’s point of view so we never see her face or reactions, the audience is placed firmly in her shoes allowing viewers to experience Kim’s journey in a neutral and unaffected way. To maintain this natural, uninhibited feel the dialogue of all episodes will be plotted but largely improvised allowing for genuine reactions and spontaneity."

The idea of shooting entirely from Kim's point of view is genius, both in the way that it connects the audience with the show's titular character and acknowledges that some gay men fantasize of a surrogate as little more than an Easy Bake Oven.

When you consider that Hunting Season and Where the Bears Are both came out near the end of this year, the second half of 2012 has really been a stellar season for gay web-series.