The Cub Camp Calendar Will Keep You Pup Tenting All Year Long

By: Daniel Villarreal

Posion ivy, processed foods and forced sports made some of us hate summer camp as kids. But we're all grown up now and totally ready for Cub Camp — a furrier, sexier camp for gay men.

Cub Camp is a 13-month 2013 calendar from photographer Drasko Bogdanovic... but damn do we wish it was an actual camp, because boy do we wanna bunk with each month's furry, shirtless studs... like, right now.

Sadly, the calendar doesn't seem to have any pandas, black bears or brown bears (so much for natural variety). But, a portion of the sales do go to the Will Munro Fund for Queer & Trans Youth Living with Cancer, a Canadian fund to help young LGBT people with medical and living costs during cancer treatment.

The limited edition calendar is on pre-sale and will come out on November 14. But if you can't wait until then, you can still do some "bear watching" by playing the Camp Cub promo below.

Please do feed the animals. RAWR!