Willam Belli Kills Two Drag Queens, Kidnaps Gay Artist

By: Daniel Villarreal

On a light and non-stormy day, gay artist Johnny Makeup got a mysterious phone call asking him to meet a client near an abandoned overpass.

When he arrived, two assailants placed a pink hood over his head and threw him in the back of their car.

What happened next was unimaginable... unimaginably fabulous!

Makeup awoke in a strange room and a creepy voice over a loudspeaker told him that if wanted to escape, he had to play along.

No, he hadn't become Jigsaw's latest victim in the gory Saw series. He had been taken captive by insane drag queens Courtney Act and Willam Belli for the drag-fashion web series Trans-fashionable. Two of their former co-stars had mysteriously died right before their big show and now they needed a replacement... desperately.

Can Makeup withstand their terribly glamourous makeover or will he crack under the pressure of too much eyeshadow? Will Willam and Courtney successfull turn their victim into "someone's pretty little princess" or will they freak out trying to wax Mr. Makeup's super-hairy legs?

Play the video below... if you dare. But be warned, their shade is so sassy that it's scary!