WATCH: Let Gays Marry... Or We'll Marry Your Girlfriends

By: Daniel Villarreal

Although a majority of young adults support same-sex marriage,  a bunch of young straight guys still don't.

And to those straight guys, know this — if you vote against gay guys marrying each other, we'll still get married... only it'll be to your girlfriends instead.

That's right. As the boys in the video below attest, gay guys make awesome boyfriends!

No, we're not "straight" per se, but we like the gym, homemade food, theater and costume parties — all the things your girlfriend wishes you liked.

And we'll listen to their problems, affirm their self-worth and use all those sexual secrets they'll been telling us to keep them happy.

But face it: you'd rather be the one making love to her, and we'd rather be able to marry the people that we love. So don't be a dick. Vote for marriage equality and we won't have to steal your girlfriends. You know we can... and they'd absolutely love it.