A Hilariously Un-PC Peek Inside a Republican Gay Bar

By: Daniel Villarreal

At this Republican gay bar, Nancy Reagan serves up Bloody Mary Cheneys while a go-go dancer in a Karl Rove mask lets hardworking Americans slip vouchers into his gold hot pants.

The Log Jam is a new web series that hilariously skewers the conservative contradictions of being a gay member of the GOP. It ain't easy, especially when the local country club won't let you bring a same-sex date and the guy peeing on your chest turns out to work for Planned Parenthood!

And who let this Mexican in here??! Ugh!!

We are loving The Log Jam and think you will too. Not since Homo Thugs have we seen such an aggressively hilarious look at deluded gay minorities.

We'd love to know what the real-life gay conservative group GOProud thinks of The Log Jam — is it funny or just accurate?

Yes. The answer is yes... right, Nance?