WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris Previews Dirty Web Show 'Neil's Puppet Dreams'

By: Brandon Voss

This might make you forget about the Elmo scandal for a few minutes.

We knew that Neil Patrick Harris had teamed up with Brian Henson’s Henson Alternative to create a YouTube series, Neil's Puppet Dreams, on the Nerdist Channel, but a new mockumentary-style behind-the-scenes preview has us more excited than a stuffed warthog with a hand up his butt.

The premise of the show, which begins Nov. 27, is that NPH suffers from a rare condition where he almost exclusively dreams in puppets, and the dreams often involve "sexual escapades" with said puppets. But from the looks of the racy preview, those dreams also include gratuitous shirtlessness, hot go-go boys, pineapple tank-topped True Blood hunk Joe Manganiello, and RuPaul's Drag Racers Willam and Detox. Harris’ partner David Burtka, a co-executive producer of the series, also co-stars.

Needless to say, this ain't Fraggle Rock. Offering a taste of the show's risqué humor in the teaser, Burtka reveals that NPH falls asleep during sex, Detox talks about NPH fellating a go-go, and NPH admits that he and Nerdist's Chris Hardwick were lovers for nine months in 1992: “He was hungry for money and dick.”

Watch the preview below. Are you already dreaming of Neil's Puppet Dreams?