WATCH: Dating a Gay Republican is no Pony Ride

By: Daniel Villarreal

Last week, we got a peek inside The Log Jam, a fictional Republican gay bar that's the subject of a satirical new web series.

And although the second episode is a bit meaner to The Log Jam's patrons, we at least get to see Arnold's dream date with a gay billionaire. Arnold, you may remember, is an unemployed Blackwater employee and he's finally hooking up with a job creator whose got several positions he'd like to fill.

The only problem is that this billionaire is also a bit of a thief who has a fetish for (ahem) horseplay... just like Mitt Romney.

But in the free market economy of love it's better to be a taker than a giver, and you'd rather be the one riding on top than the poor beast saddled on the bottom.