Key and Peele Remake a Rapey X-mas Classic

By: Daniel Villarreal

Everyone agrees that "Baby It's Cold Outside" is the Christmas season's rapiest song.

In the ’40s-era tune, a guy continually interrupts a woman's attempts to leave with the insistence that "Baby, it's cold outside." And as the song progresses she worries what her family will think and whether he's slipped a roofie in her drink. No, really — it's in the lyrics.

So it's refreshing that comedians Key and Peele have created a modern take on this date rape classic with their parody "Just Stay For the Night."

In their remake, Key plays the role of the predatory male as Peele does "her" best to resist his increasingly aggressive advances. But unlike the original song, she doesn't agree to stay… well, not on his terms anyway.

Finally, the overbearing man gets his long-deserved comeuppance. Just goes to show that you should be careful what you ask Santa for — you just might get it… and then some.

Oh, and if you haven't seen Key and Peele's hilarious takes on bullying and gay marriage, do it. They'll be the marshmallows in your Christmas cup of cocoa.