An Interview With Two Adorable Gay Twins

By: Daniel Villarreal

We've had twins on the brain recently, and this interview between Jeff Probst and Larry and Gary (embedded below) isn't helping.

Part of the issue is that both guys are so darned adorable — they're two gay, clean-shaven Southern Baptist twins who are kinda hunky. The other part is that they both realized the other was gay while cruising the same guy. And did they mention that they also worked out together as young men? Yow!

The video clip kinda reminds us of when gay vlogger Tyler Oakley played around with two hot twin Brits, except it's better because unlike the Brit twins, Larry and Gary are actually gay.

Plus, they seem like nice dudes and we'd love to hear more about growing up with a gay twin in a conservative home, but come on — the same thing always comes to mind whenever we hear about gay twins...

... sharing clothes! Their mutual wardrobes must be huuuuuuge. Makes you wanna find a boyfriend with the matching clothing sizes, doesn't it?