Hear What Nonsense Beyoncé Really Sang at Obama's Inauguration

By: Brandon Voss

Perhaps you've heard the rumor that Beyoncé lip-synched her way through the National Anthem during Obama's second inauguration?

While you were coming to terms, trying to pick up the pieces, and waiting to see if the diva would pull the same crap at Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show, the clever folks at Bad Lip Reading have somehow unearthed the real audio of Queen Bey's performance — and the video proof is one of the funniest things we've seen in months. Forget those broad stripes and bright stars, honey, because Beyoncé will punch your neck, and your old black dog can’t touch her behind.

Check out "La Fway" below. Just be careful, because once you start watching all their other gut-bustingly bad lip readings, it's very hard to drop the mic.