The Exeter Boys' Locker Room Goes Bananas In 3, 2...

By: Daniel Villarreal

Since 1781, Exeter — the prestigious private preparatory school in Exeter, New Hampshire — has been known for its superior academics through the Socratic teaching method of open inquiry.

But henceforth, it shall be known for the video below where the entire boys' hockey team goes absolutely bonkers to "the Harlem Shake."

Had he been in this boys' lockerroom, the ancient philosopher Socrates would most likely have questioned whether this tune can be classically defined as music. But he would have been quickly bumped away by the booty shaking guy who pops out of the laundry bin and then smacked in the head by the guy in red spandex doing the full body water sprinkler.

Our favorite is the cowboy in the upper left, endlessly yanking on what appears to be a limp sock. Though the booty shaking academian who kicks off the madness has a might mesmerizing can... even Socrates would agree on that.