Lance Bass Is Totally Whipped

By: Brandon Voss

Look, Lance Bass has something white and creamy in his mouth! Sorry, it's just too easy.

The ex-'NSYNCer and Dirty Pop with Lance Bass radio host has come out of the closet yet again as a Miracle Whip spokesman — or, more specifically, someone who will gladly accept money to say he likes the stuff.

"It had been years since this famous mouth had experienced the 3-part harmony of sweet, tangy & creamy," reads Lance's new print ad for the mayo substitute. "But after a recent reunion on a veggie deluxe, they're besties on wheat again. So what's your mouth waiting for?"

And what are your eyes waiting for, because the Friend of Kathy also stars in "Miracle Whip Open Mouth Anthem," a new video ad spoofing charitable supergroup songs like "We Are the World." Whether you love or hate the ol' sandwich spread — wait, isn't that a sex act? — you'll no doubt get a sweet and tangy kick out of seeing Lance sing with folks like Wynonna Judd, Tiffany, and the Village People.

Check out the video below — and just try to imagine what it must've been like to have tea and turkey with Susan Boyle at her most awkward.