Did You Spot Randy Rainbow at the Oscars?

By: Brandon Voss

Still can’t move on from last Sunday’s Oscars? Luckily for us, neither can Randy Rainbow.

In the latest episode of The Randy Rainbow Show, the YouTube sensation chats with Sally Field and Anne Hathaway before reminding everyone that he was also at that little White House military shindig while First Lady Michelle Obama revealed that Ben Affleck's Argo had won Best Picture.

Before things got ugly, the gay boy scout managed to hijack the telecast and give sociopolitical shout-outs to what's really important in the world, including Hugh Jackman, Mariah Carey being terrible on American Idol, and even Beyonce’s lip-synching.

Forget Tina and Amy — maybe Randy should just host the Oscars next year. At least you know there'd be no song about boobs.

Check out the award-worthy clip below.