WATCH: Gag On the Eleganza of the Most Fabulous 'Drag Race' Spoof EVER!

By: Jase Peeples

Fans in need of a Drag Race fix between episodes of the current season simply must check out drag diva Honey Golightly’s sickening stop-motion animated spoof, The Most Popular Girls of Drag Race.

Using gussied up Barbie dolls in the style of Robot Chicken, this spoof’s spot-on imitations of the fabulous Racers are so real they’d even scare Sharon Needles.

Gag on the eleganza of episodes 1 – 4 below while we ask Ms. Needles’ Ouija board if Honey Golightly is considering a possible future guest appearance from the Jem and the Holograms dolls of the '80s. (Now that would be truly outrageous!)

Commence shakedown!