How to Come Out, Especially If You're a Cartoon

By: Brandon Voss

Totally clueless as to how to come out to your friends, family, or coworkers?

Exploring "the physical, mental, and emotional paths to wellness" with an "emphasis on education," the YouTube show WellCast attempts to break it down in one of their latest animated videos.

"Coming out is a big moment," says your WellCast hostess Kate. "You're letting someone else into a part of your life that few have tread — a secret that you might have carried a long time. Some of you may have lied, pretended to be something you're not. Others may simply have kept silent. If you're lucky, you have an incredible support system built in, made up of people who love you regardless. Today on WellCast, we're talking about that life-changing moment of telling someone that you're gay. We'll help you prepare for that moment, whenever you decide to take it, and give you some resources to turn to, should you need them."

Here are their five basic steps:

1. Make Sure You're Ready!
2. Tell Someone You Trust!
3. Plan It Out!
4. Say It!
5. You Are Not Alone!

WellCast also recommends, and 1-846-4U-TREVOR as resources.

Is this over-simplified or solid advice? Do the people behind this program — which has previously posted episodes like "How to Break Up" and "Avoiding the Freshman 15" — seem qualified to be giving it?

Watch the clip below.