WATCH: Backstreet Boys Do Harlem Shake with Nick Carter in Undies

By: Brandon Voss

Thought the Harlem Shake craze was dunzo? Well, Backstreet Boys did not want it that way.

"Decided we needed to do a Harlem Shake video!," the iconic boy band wrote on their YouTube page. "Better late than never, right?"

YES. In fact, this one's a must-see thanks to a tutu, a Spiderman costume, a bunny costume, lots of pelvic-thrusting old-school BSB moves, and Nick Carter in his underwear making sweet, sweet love to his guitar. Have Backstreet Boys always been this awesome?

We may have already seen the hottest and wildest — and we've certainly seen the gayest — but the BSB Harlem Shake video may be the most nostalgic and well choreographed!

Check out the clip below.