In Bed with the Cutest Gay Marine Couple Ever!

By: Brandon Voss

We first became obsessed with gay Marine couple Russ and Matt — who post adorable videos on Russ's YouTube channel RussMarine2014 — when they answered fan questions.

Now they're taking another viewer suggestion and showing you an average day in their adorable life, which begins, of course, with them waking up in bed together shirtless, nuzzling, and making some of the cutest we-were-out-late-at-the-club groggy noises you've ever heard.

Is it really possible to look this doable in the morning without sneaking into the bathroom first to freshen up like Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids?

Your favorite gay Marines also share their experience of moving into a new place... but did we mention the waking up shirtless in bed part?

Check out the video below.