WATCH: Joe Jonas Is One Sexy Douchebag

By: Brandon Voss

And Shaina is one lucky bitch.

After Shaina posted a video message asking Joe Jonas to be her date at her formal, the handsome and goofy JoBro declined the invitation with his own cheeky video, in which he offers to fly her out to a summer concert.

Because cheesy d-bag is such a good color on him, Joe responds while lounging seductively in a NASCAR uniform, berating an assistant for serving him shitty wine, trimming his eyebrows shirtless, and pumping up his biceps at the gym while wearing very tight Spandex biking shorts. 

“This burns so good!” he grunts, admiring his reflection. Yes, Joe. Yes it does.

All this and more to the sweet sounds of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper," courtesy of Joe’s personal shirtless saxophone player.

People, this is the Joe Jonas video we've all been waiting for. You know, besides that, um, other video we’re all still waiting for. Check it out below.