WATCH: Flaming? Fruit? Fairy? Fag? This Powerful Song Scrubs Away Labels

By: Brandon Voss

Sissy? Pervert? Homo? Yup, we've heard 'em all — and it's time to wash 'em all down the drain.

From singer-songwriter Ryan Amador comes "Define Me," which defies such labels with its emotional lyrics and stirring music video. Proceeds from the beautiful song, which features vocalist Jo Lampert, will benefit "an organization that actively promotes social equality for LGBT citizens."

The video, which recalls Entertainment Weekly's infamous 2003 Dixie Chicks cover, was created by filmmaker partners Tom Gustafson and Cory Krueckeberg of Were the World Mine and The Go Doc Project fame.

Find sample lyrics and the full video below.

We’re starting this party tonight

Where people will be undefined
And love who they want, when the judgment is done

And won’t have to hide

We’re starting this party right now

Where people can shake off their doubts

And send out their love as it moves through the crowd

And people can shout

That they love a man
Or they love a woman
And no one will be judged for love

And I can’t be judged for who I am