Wanna Smell Like Ryan Lochte's Pool Pee?

By: Brandon Voss

Not content to just sit back and look hot shirtless on his new reality show, Ryan Lochte is releasing a new cologne called Pool Water, which is basically bottled water straight from the pool he swims in every day.

“Dab a dab on your wrist, ladies can’t resist,” Lochte says — but the decorated Olympic stud also alludes to his gay fans, suggesting, "Or maybe you can put a little sprinkle tinkle under your nose so just only you can smell it. It’ll be our little secret."

And in a revelation that will surely titillate you golden shower queens out there, Lochte hints that his scent's secret musky ingredient is actually his own urine, since we all know that he pees in the pool.

Aww, too bad it's just a FunnyorDie spoof. Watch the video below.