WATCH: The Most Tragic Music Video Ever Made?

By: Brandon Voss

A week after weaseling her way back into headines by making a messy cameo in a gay porn film, Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil stumbles through a new video for her single "It's Tan Mom!"

The New Jersey native became infamous last year after being accused of taking her daughter into a tanning bed, and "It's Tan Mom!" will surely secure her infamy for the ages.

Helmed by out director Francis Legge, a frequent collaborator of Sherry Vine, the video also features shirtless out pop singer Adam Barta, who recently sang on Jonah Falcon's novelty ditty "It's Too Big!" In other words, gay men allowed and encouraged this trainwreck.

Sample "It's Tan Mom!" lyrics: "I wanna get my tan on. You all are losers... I’m hotter than the Octomom. The world can’t judge me now."

Oh, but we can. The teeth. The laughable lip-dubbing. The robot dancing!

Watch the video at your own risk below.