Help Fund This Guy's Slutty Gay Road Trip

By: Brandon Voss

What's a guy to do when he gets dumped by his boyfriend of three years? If he's smart, he goes on a road trip and tries to get laid. A lot.

With a small film crew in tow to capture all the man-on-man action — fingers crossed — Sam Wineman is planning to travel through 12 cities in four states to see some gay sights and get some gay strange. We call shotgun!

Described as "a travel series documenting the road trip misadventures of a recently single writer as he goes on a new date in every city," new episodes of Date Trip will air each week on YouTube throughout July and August.

Will Sam learn to love again, or will he just hook up with enough hot strangers to make him forget why he went on the road trip in the first place?

Help fund the online series here and watch the Kickstarter video below.