WATCH: But Who Pays on a Gay First Date?

By: Brandon Voss

If we know one thing about straight relationships it’s that the dude always picks up the check on the first date. Otherwise, the laws of nature are thrown off, the guy thinks he's in the friend zone, and his head explodes.

But who picks up the check on a first date with two guys? Is it a top/bottom situation or a decision best left up to the flip-flop of a coin?

In a new video by The Discipline Committee, the film collective that brought you "No Hetero," a straight couple must refer to a copy of First Date: A Play in Two Acts when the guy foolishly goes off script. Cut to the bar, where a gay couple looks like they might be debating the issue of the check for hours.

Check out the cute clip below. Do you have any etiquette guidelines when it comes to who pays, gays?