WATCH: 'Downtown Abbey' Is a Drag

By: Brandon Voss

Apparently, not everyone loves Downton Abbey as much as we do.

In "Snore," a new clip for Funny or Die, drag world divas like Willam, Vicky Vox, and Michelle Visage team up with hilarious L.A. gaylebrities like Drew Droege, Johnny McGovern, Jeff Hiller, and Stephen Guarino to take down the celebrated British drama in a little ditty set to the tune of Madonna's "Vogue."

All T, all shade!

"It’s the best damn series — if you’ve got no shit to do," they sing. "It’s a British show. Girl, it moves so slow." Hey, not everything can be as eventful as an episode of Drag Race.

Look for a cameo by NPH's better half, David Burtka, as Thomas, "big ol' queen."

Check out the video below. Are you totally over Downton too?