WATCH: Is Rape Funny When It's Gay Rape?

By: Brandon Voss

We can't decide whether this new Funny or Die clip is offensive or just unfunny, so we're hoping you'll weigh in here.

In this comedy sketch — and we use the term loosely — by Kuntz Family Hour, a trio of really creepy sterotypical gay guys pull themselves away from their Grindr and vacuous conversation to stop and manhandle an attractive straight jogger.

Despite the jogger's protests, the gays tease him with aggressive, clumsy flirtation like "Have you had your daily dose of chocolate for the day?" and "What would Jesus do? He’d fuck you!" Then they carry him back to an obese gay villain's lair against his will, and we can only imagine what happens next.

The tagline to which it all leads? "Gaaayng rape is real. Watch your step." That's the joke?

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.