WATCH: If You Look Hard Enough, Penises Are Everywhere

By: Brandon Voss

YouTuber ZeFrank wrote a little ditty, "A Song For Freud (about dicks…)," and posted it earlier this month. 

In the brief, cheap video, he basically tries to prove that phallic symbols can be seen all over the place: Bananas, pencils, tree branches, parking meters, dicks, dicks, dicks, dicks.

"If you look hard enough, like really really hard," he sings, "you’ll find a dick, pretty much everywhere." And that's pretty much the song. Oh, it's so bad.

“I am that immature,” writes the 41-year-old in a note to his future children. “I hope you will be too.”

Honestly, it's terrible. Don't even watch it below. Unless you feel you have to.