WATCH: This Russian Airline Spoof Is Putin on the Laughs

By: Brandon Voss

Whether you're boycotting Russian vodka or not boycotting Russian vodka, you'll definitely want to check out this topical new comedy sketch courtesy of the Gay Women Channel.

Poking fun at the country's "homosexual propaganda" laws recently signed into effect by President Vladimir Putin, “Putin Airlines” imagines an in-flight safety demonstration for gays en route to the Sochi Olympics. If you act too gay while flying Putin, you will be cuffed! In other words, don't tell children onboard that you exist, don't read Out, and don't even think about using the rear exit!

Best of all, these antigay warnings come from a pair of flamboyant flight attendants who looked like they just popped out the cockpit of Pedro Almodóvar's I'm So Excited.

Check out the clip below.