WATCH: Gay Adult Film Studs Lip-Synch Adam Lambert

By: Brandon Voss

Just for your entertainment!

After shooting a scene for Titan Rough, which is as butch as it sounds, adult film director Jasun Mark video-selfied a little car "karaoke" with gay porn stars Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek to the tune of — what else? — Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment.”

Who says only drag queens can lip-synch for their lives?

"By the way... while I had originally written Adam Lambert off as a singer who could hit night notes from a TV reality show," writes Jasun, "both of his albums are good. REALLY good. I'll eat shit and admit that it was wrong to pre-judge a singer because I think the TV show that lead to their fame is kinda... tacky. He deserves all the fame he's got." Adam will definitely rest easy tonight.

Check out the video below.

Gay Porn Star Karaoke For Your Entertainment. from Jasun mark on Vimeo.