WATCH: Cheyenne Jackson Met David Burtka on Christian Mingle

By: Brandon Voss

Some gay Christians are hot as hell.

In a new Funny or Die video written by and featuring Bryan Safi, David Burtka and Cheyenne Jackson play two formerly closeted Christians who accidentally found love on

They both love pleated-front khakis, chit-chat after church, and dancing in the kitchen, so it's a match made in heaven — or elsewhere. “I think God has a plan for all of us," Cheyenne says. "And even if that plan includes hell, it’s still a plan.” It's really almost more tragic than funny.

Meanwhile, as if David weren’t lucky enough to sleep with fiancé Neil Patrick Harris, now he gets to make out with divorced dungeon master Cheyenne Jackson? Why, God, why?!

Check out the clip below.