WATCH: Now This Is How You Dance to 'Same Love'

By: Brandon Voss

You might recall Full Frontal Freedom's pro-female twist on "Blurred Lines."

Now the anti-PAC artist collective, which “uses talent and creativity to raise awareness and enhance civil disobedience,” is tackling the outstanding LGBT anthem “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, hip-hop's hottest gay allies, through interpretive dance!

"We were so grateful that Mackelmore and Lewis took a stand and loudly cheered for marriage equality," FFF writes on YouTube of their collaboration with Dream It Productions and Ryan Hanson Productions. "But, our work as a community is far from done, as we seek equality in Oregon and Hawaii and New Jersey and Illinois. This song — which honors our movement's struggle — is so compelling that we thought it a fitting tribute to express our emotions in movement as a contemporary dance."

No twerking, sorry, but there are hot shirtless guys. Sold? Watch below.