WATCH: Matthew Mitcham Talks Tom Daley's Hairy Bum

By: Brandon Voss

Davey Wavey in a hot tub with Matthew Mitcham? Your wet dream came true.

The gaymous vlogger recently visited the Olympic gold medalist in Australia — duh, since it gave the exhibitionist the chance to slip into a Speedo.

When the boys aren't splashing around in their mutual admiration, Davey takes the opportunity to ask Matthew about British diving rival Tom Daley and what's beneath his snug Speedo. Matthew, who admits that Tom's bum is "round and out there," says he refrains from squeezing it when they're on the platform together.

Not that Matt's junk in Funky Trunks isn't something to write home about too!

Meanwhile, has the ukulele player ever had sex while wearing his gold medal? Find out in the video below.